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From: Rich Punter
Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Expert 

Future Bookie Killers,

Have you ever wander why the bookie always win?

How to constantly keep winning on your soccer bets?

Imagine yourself always on the winning side when you place a bet.

How would life be if you can constantly keep winning.

Ever wander how the "Pros" did it?

bullet What if you know what the bookies knew?
bullet What if you could win 90% of the games you bet
bullet What if you can know the outcome of the game
bullet What if you can actually make a full time income from soccer betting

***Bookmakers are smart enough to let you WIN from time to time but still be LOSING your hard earned money to them in the long run.***


In this book, I will reveal to you the soccer betting tips and secret that bookies and bookmakers don't want you to know - The Asian Handicap Signals.

You will be surprise after reading this Killer Guide, how easy it is to constantly win money from your bookmakers just by following the signal.

And you will believe me when I said - I have my own personal ATM machine.

I guarantee that after reading this guide "Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine", you will be all excited to start applying all the strategies to making money from your bookmakers.

 Let them be your constant source of income.



I am a Soccer Betting Expert and I have been betting on soccer for more than 14 years and throughout the last 5 years, have been making a steady stream of income from the bookmakers.

With all the money that are constantly coming in from my personal ATM machine, I am able to fully pay for my house and a car and my wife doesn't need to work.

What more can I ask for a beginner's in soccer betting 14 years ago, I have studied and finally uncovered the secret that bookmakers have been keeping away from all punters.

That is, the signal that will determine the game. This is a GOLD MIND for you if you know the secret that I am revealing in this book.

With this signal on the odds that are being offered, bookmakers have already know 99% the outcome of the game.

Imagine what this will do to your bank account if you yourself know the outcome of the result? I will leave it to you to imagine.

The price I paid in the beginning of my soccer betting days are nothing compared to the secret that I have found.

I have recoup all the losses from the secret signals that bookmakers have been keeping away all these while.

If you follow closely and move along the line as to what this guide says, you will find yourself building an empire of wealth in no time.

You will recoup back all the losses that you have made during your soccer betting days in no time!! Guaranteed.


# 1: Every punter loves to bet on the favorites. This is a well know fact. Even when the odds are stacked against the favorites, punters will bet on it. Bookmakers usually inflate the odds on the favorite teams.

# 2: Some or most of the football club in the world are sponsored by the bookmakers,  giving them the added advantage over information about the team.

# 3 : Most punters bet on impulse and not using the right strategy


3 Killer Asian Handicaps signals that will RIP your bookie apart instantly!

bullet How to identify the killer signals and make thousand of dollars from your bookie

The Golden List - 6 steps to successful soccer betting


The Heavy Boat Signal  *****


An Insider report on which leagues can make you easy money


An Insider report on "Why Punters Always Lose"

The value of this information is PRICELESS and you will never get this information anywhere on the internet or any soccer betting forums.

Spotting the signal effectively is the key to winning on your soccer bets. 

The fact is, a lot of punters make less than a couple of hundred bucks a month or even losing money at the end of the month.

On the other hand, very few regularly make 4 figures a month after they learn to spot the killer signals.


After a bit of time, many are in the 5 figure per month range. 


It all comes down to this....

If you want to beat the bookmakers, if you want to work less and make more, if you want to live a lifestyle that most folks only dream about, hereís your ticket. 


Simply put, this killer secret has the power to make your bookie bleed and RIP them apart instantly.


You need these signals which I am providing in this guide to win on your soccer bets.

Read the Testimonial from some of my satisfied members . I am not kidding when I said, you will be a winner at the end of the day with this system.



Hi RP,

From the day I saw your website, I did not make the purchase of the book immediately because I was skeptical about what you promise.

However after I keep making loss and loss, I had decided to purchase your book "Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine" and "Punter Ultimate Weapon" since it only cost 10% of my capital.

The very day I start using strategy, I was able won back 70% of my losses previously incur and from that day onward, I had my trust and belief on RP cause I know you can help me in the way I punt and win.

All punters out there, believe me because you will not regret by spending only few hundred dollars to learn some great strategy that will help you all to win your bookmaker consistently. Make this word "Consistently", because that's what we punter needed to win our bookmaker.

RP, I wish you keep up the good work you are doing now

Nobel Tan From Malaysia





Upon reading all the promises made by Richpunter, I must admit I'm skeptical of what he promise. But my gut feeling told me it worth a try and I gladly bought this ebook.

After I have completed reading this guide and apply it on my daily soccer punt, for 1 week my hit rate increase to 75% and I believe it can only get better.

Thanks Richpunter and keep up the good work.

Travis Ahzu From Indonesia





I just purchased your book "Make Your Bookie Your Atm Machine Book" and it is fantastic. The soccer betting tips and secrets revealed in your book will sure to make a lot of bookie bleed. No doubt about it.

Just by spending a small amount you would be able to learn and understand better about soccer investments. I would encourage people out there who is serious about learning and making BIG MONEY, do not hesitate to purchase it. I do and I never regret it.

Sam Boy  From Singapore.





Hi RichPunter,

The services and trust you provided is excellent in term of prompt replies and your amicable handling of matters. On top of that, close relationship is what we bettors are looking towards for.

You are definately right with your book "Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine". With the kind of secrets and tips that you provide, I think you are not lying when you said that you will get ban by bookies and bookmakers soon.

Keep up the good work Richpunter.

Sean Tan From Singapore





Hi Rich,

From the search engine Google, I saw your website. The way you said 'Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine" is a very powerful heading.
I bought your killer book and start applying the strategies and fair enough, I am now making 4 digits week in week out from my bookie. The strategy and secrets that you revealed in your book is simply AMAZING.

Ever since I first followed on your tip in your killer tips section, It has been superb. You never fail to deliver good, accurate and quality tips especially when it is your Banker’s Bet. I think you should have many customers from all over the world considering the price is only $50 for this kind of "sure to kill the bookie" tip.

I would recommend new punters if they want to make a killing with their bookie, go for this book "Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine" and RP's Killer Tips in his Tips Section.

I wish you good luck and your business as well. Keep the good killer tips coming so we can make our bookie bleed.

Thanks Rich.

Charles Lu Vun From Malaysia

Using my strategy which can be found in this guide, you will see that winning $500 or more in a day is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Soccer Betting Tips Proof

"Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine" How To Constantly Win On Your Soccer Bets And Have Your Own Personal ATM Machine Complementary From Your Bookie.



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It's entirely based on real-life proven tactics that get results - I guarantee it.

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FirstlyÖSince I am a punter myself, I will make this the fastest and easiest ways available to you to make money.

Secondly...I would like you to quickly recoup all your losses and make huge money from the bookmakers for robbing us with their kept secrets.

Lastly...I very much care less about making huge money from this book since I make more money from my soccer betting. I make huge money day in day out from my bookmaker.

Consider this as a favor from a fellow punter who wants other punters like you to succeed together in soccer betting.

If you can't even spend $77 to know the Best Ever Bookmaker's Secret that will help you win your soccer bets, You might as well throw in the towel and stop dreaming about making the kind of money I make from your bookie.

With your knowledge of soccer betting, you have to think again and ask yourself why you always lose your hard earned money to your bookmaker.

But then again, I couldn't care less because my money are pouring in day in day out complementary from my bookmaker.

Below are the frequently asked questions I received everyday from people like you.

Q1 : Is your secrets ILLEGAL?

A1 : Hell, of course NO! My secret will never teach you how to steal any money from anywhere and my secret never need you to HACK into any bookmakers computers and steal their data.

Q2 : Will the bookmaker get mad at me and hunt me and kill me if they know that I'm applying the secrets revealed in this book to make money from them?

A2 : Well, for all I know, the bookmaker couldn't care any lesser because they don't lose money just because of you. There are many other new and season punters that lose money every single day and this will cover for the small tiny loss caused by you.

Q3 : Does your secret need me to know any insider from the bookmaker?

A3 : You don't need any friends or family working with the bookmaker to constantly make money from your bookmaker. Within 15 minutes, you will know how to identify the winning odds and know where the game is heading towards.

Q4 : Is your secret limited to any particular bookmaker?

A4 : As long as your bookmaker does offer Asian Handicap odds, this secret will work just fine.

Q5 : I must admit, this sounds too good to be true, so Iím thinking about passing up your offer. Is this a valid reasoning?

A5 : Sure, if you want to forever miss out on the best-kept soccer betting secret on the entire planet! Hey, itís no skin off my back if you decide not to know this secret. Iím already making a lot of money from my soccer betting so getting just a few bucks from you wonít either make or break me.

BUT! Passing up on this secret when it is in fact the answer youíve been looking for to beating the bookie at their own game may quite possibly be the deciding factor as to whether you really succeed on making money on your soccer betting or not! (So pass up on this offer at your own risk Ė but donít say I didnít mention this to you before!)

Do you want to beat your bookie and hang them by their ball?

If you are ready to beat the bookie at their own game and making all the money you can ever imagine from them, this guide will not be here for long. As we speak, I recently received one offer to buy me out at a certain amount and I'm still considering it.

All I can say is that this information will not be here for very long. The bookmakers are feeling the heat because of this released secret.

So Let Me Recap...

Just so that you know what you will be getting when you purchase this Killer Guide and I must really stress on this. You are buying the best ever soccer betting secrets on how to identify the Asian Handicap odds and not some free information which you can get on any soccer betting forums.



3 Killer Asian Handicaps signals that will RIP your bookie apart instantly!

bullet How to identify the killer signals to making thousand of dollars from your bookie

The Golden List - 6 steps to successful soccer betting


The Heavy Boat Signal  *****


An Insider report on which leagues can make you easy money


An Insider report on "Why Punters Always Lose"

You will make back the cost of this system from the next bet that you place - Guaranteed!

YES, Richie! I'm Ready To Make MY Bookie Bleed and Hang Them by Their Ball!

Rush Me My Copy Of ďMake Your Bookie Your ATM MachineĒ Right Now!! 

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At $39 $47 $67 $77 you will receive my killer Asian handicap Signals that will instantly bleed your bookie and you will discover the secret to constantly win on your soccer bets.


It will not be a waste comparing to thousands of dollars that you throw on each bets and I GUARANTEE it is nothing like those free information you get from those soccer betting forums.


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Here's To Your Success In Soccer Betting!!

asian handicap soccer betting

PS. You can choose to ignore this secret because at the end of the day, I am still the one laughing and already making money day in day out from by bookie.

PPS. If you're really serious about making real money from the bookmakers - you owe it not to me but to yourself to get this killer secrets immediately to start making all the money you deserved.

PPPS. You don't need to be so hardworking in doing your homework about each and every games. You just need to spot the Killer Asian Handicap Signals in the odds offered by the bookmakers.

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